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Exhibitions: Past

2020 Student Exhibition

The Annual Student Art & Design Exhibition

April 23, 2020

For many students in the Art and Design Programs, the capstone event each academic year is the annual juried exhibition. It is an opportunity for students participate in the professional practice of preparing work for exhibition, navigating entry requirements, and, since this is a juried show, waiting for notification of selection.

The show this year is a virtual one, and will be displayed on the gallery’s Instagram page: @grimshawgudewiczartgallery and on our website: bristolcc.edu/gallery. We’ve also decided to let the students self-select two works for the show.

The exhibition opens on April 23 and will continue throughout the rest of the semester.

Traditionally, the postcard image for the show is designed by our work-study intern. This year, Brianna Hickey developed a narrative inspired by the Hidden Pictures drawings that appear in every issue of Highlights magazine. Her drawing of a young woman daydreaming in her room is a poignant reminder about the creative spark. Brianna could not have anticipated that we would all soon be working from home, in isolation, as a way to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Her image is reassuring during this unsettled time. It reminds us all that creativity and imagination are boundless.

Nuno Alfama | Product Placement | Photo III/Contract Learning: Digital Photography Nuno Alfama | Portrait Series | Photo III/Contract Learning: Digital Photography Amanda Arruda | Multiple Figures In The Same Composition | Painting II Amanda Arruda | Foreshortened Figure Study | Painting III Breanna Arruda | Bag Still Life Painting | Painting I Breanna Arruda | Still Life Of A Chair | Painting II
Devin Belisle | City Seal | 2D Design Brianna Boothe | Broadside Project | Typography Brianna Boothe| Poster Design | Publication Design Alison Borges  | Self Portrait | Drawing IV Alison Borges | Portrait of Noah | Drawing III Beth Couture| Old Man | Painting II
-eth Couture | Self Portrait | Painting II “Johnathon Johnathon Davies | Get Out the Vote 2020 Poster | Design Studio Alex Dominguez-Caban | Photo Redraw | Computer Graphics Alex Dominguez-Caban | Portrait Project | Computer Graphics Lorraine Dufault | Eraser Drawing | Drawing I
“Taylor Steve Fitzgerald | Get Out The Vote Poster | Design Studio Steve Fitzgerald | Promotional Poster for RIIA Animation Showcase and Q&A | Design Studio Brianna Hickey | Historical Poster | Graphic Design I Brianna Hickey | Sabon Poster | Typography Ben Joquin 
| Character Study | 2D Design
Ben Joquin
| Skateboard Design | 2D Design Bianca Laslo
| Love and/or Violence Project | Drawing IV Bianca Laslo
| Self Portrait | Drawing IV “Julie Julie Lemieux | Still Life  | Painting II Alia Lopes | One Point Perspective  | Drawing I
Alia Lopes | Digital Painting  | Computer Graphics Sarah Mailloux | Self Portrait | 2D Design Sarah Mailloux 
 | Skateboard Design | 2D Design Destiny Matos | Master Copy Assignment | Painting I Destiny Matos | Website Design | Web Design I Kate McMahon | Website Design | Web Design I
Mia Morgan  | Skateboard Design | 2D Design Mia Morgan | Amabie Illustration | Illustration Samuel Oku | Malcolm X  | Computer Graphics Emma Panell 
| Poster Project – Symbolism  | 2D Design Emma Panell  | Poster Project – Symbolism | 2D Design Katelyn Pelletier | Expressive Self Portrait  | Drawing III
Katelyn Pelletier
| Figure Study | Drawing III Brian Power | Portrait With or as an Animal |Drawing IV Yusef Resendes | Self Portrait | Dark Room Photography Anthony Rodriguez | Lighting Assignment | Photography II Anthony Rodriguez | Animal Project | Graphic Design I Sarah Seguin |
Life Size Self Portrait | Drawing IV
Sarah Seguin |
Flesh (Film Photography Series) | Dark Room Photography Paige Smiley | Love and/or Violence Assignment  | Drawing IV Paige Smiley | Visual Narrative Assignment  | Electronic Imaging Paige Smiley | Visual Narrative Assignment  | Electronic Imaging Stephen Smith | Chinese Takeout Skateboard | 2D Design Stephen Smith <br /> Hand Drawn Ruler <br /> Drawing I
Hannah Sousa  <br /> Stamp Project <br /> Graphic Design I Hannah Sousa | Animal Project Drawing | Graphic Design I Leah Stevenson | Master Copy Assignment | Painting II Leah Stevenson <br /> Self-Directed Project <br /> Drawing IV Lauren White | Skateboard Design | 2D Design